Monday, April 28, 2008

irresponsible parenting

call me old fashioned, but when young parents give their nap-deprived kids copious amounts of caffeine, and then encourage them to engage in extreme toddler wrestling.........well, i'm sorry.....that's just wrong.....

....................and speaking of things that are just wrong......

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

awesome week

it's been a super awesome week since our last post.  on wednesday, it was discovered that we've been living with our own personal version of the bubonic plague for almost 4 years.  after having our custom birds-eye maple cabinets heartlessly ripped out of our music room, we uncovered our own personal petrie dish festering on the drywall beneath. not to be outdone by no less than 5 different kinds of the nastiest mold you'd ever care to see (or breathe), removal of the bottom cabinets revealed an equally nauseating array of bugs, spiders, and otherwise indescribably invasive organisms that were beyond belief.  suffice to say that what we found would make a rotting corpse look like a gourmet dinner.

so, here's where things take a turn for the worse.  turns out that our cabinet installer managed to put a screw thru the only piece of plastic drain pipe in the entire wall (builder's note: most vertical drain pipe is typically cast iron, which is impenetrable by the accidental nail or screw). it was a one-in-a-million shot, and he nailed it (pun intended).  no worries, stuff like this happens, and we have good insurance.....

alas, we're just getting warmed up.  over the course of the next few days, at least twenty-thousand construction guys show up, along with an insurance adjuster and cabinet maker (guess the butcher and the baker were on holiday). thursday rolls around, and our once peaceful domicile more closely resembles a shelled-out structure from Bosnia or Baghdad, complete with the sweet fragrant smells of leaking sewer pipes, soggy lumber and mold-killing chemicals, all combining to form an aromatic symphony for the entire sensory palette.  and the phrase "Uh...sir, you may want to take a look at this" still resonates in my lower bowels, like a relentless case of dysentery and diarrhea while on your period (just guessing about that last analogy).

anyways, it's all good.  even as i arrived to work early friday morning to make-up for lost hours, i was undaunted by the scene that awaited me at the office parking lot......
no drunken sign-destroying vandal was going to ruin an otherwise bucolic week.  oh no, that honor would instead go to our totally awesome insurance company Insur-a-care, whom after condescendingly acknowledged all the preceding grief, pain and strife, left a final, impersonal voice mail stating that our claim had been "denied" because the "cause of damage had been deemed not accidental".

ah yes, an awesome week indeed.................bring it on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the first 24 hours

well, it has been a rip-roaring 24 hours since we launched, and so much has happened, i just don't know where to begin. let's start with the facts first:

1) since launch, we've managed to offend no less than 2 wives, 1 actress, and the entire engineering profession
2) since launch, we've been in the newspaper
3) since launch, we've seen a decline in billable hours
4) since launch, we've used the term "launch" more times than nasa

stay tuned for our next posting, which will involve reader participation and feats of strength, with cash and prizes for the winners

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We are proud to announce the arrival of our bouncing baby blog.  Born this afternoon at 12:35pm at Uptown Espresso in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, our baby weighed in at 6 Gigs, 14 bits, and was 21Msec long. Mom and baby blog are doing just fine, but daddy g2 passed out when asked to cut the (power) cord.

A BIG shout out to Heavy T for originally inseminating me with blog-itis, and for being there from conception, gestation, and birth, which took a total of about 50 minutes.  But more on that later...

This blog is initially dedicated my alter-ego Howard Roark.  As such, it is our intention that this site will become a public forum to engaging meaningful dialog and honest discussions for all things relating to architecture, design, and the enlightenment of the built environment.